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Telemetry Compliance

Intuita VSCode’s Extension Telemetry Data

The Intuita VSCode’s Extension (v0.7.0 and later) tracks the events happening within the extension that have the following properties (this is described in the extension’s source code):

  • event type (kind):
    • extension is activated
    • extension is deactivated
    • a codemod set execution began, halted or ended,
    • jobs created
    • jobs accepted or rejected
  • session ID:
    • created once per extension session by the user’s extension
    • you cannot identify a particular user by this information
  • happened at:
    • when a particular event happened
  • codemod set name:
    • passed if applicable
  • codemod name:
    • passed if applicable
  • execution ID:
    • created once per execution of a codemod set by the user’s extension
    • passed if applicable
  • file count:
    • the number of files associated with a particular event
    • passed if applicable
  • job count:
    • the number of jobs associated with a particular event
    • passed if applicable

Users can disable telemetry by going into Settings and searching the for telemetryEnabled setting under Intuita VSCode Extensions's Settings. Intuita also respects if the telemetry.telemetryLevel setting is set to off.

Telemetry Backend

The extension sends all the event data to the Telemetry Backend over HTTPS. The data are stored securely in a Telemetry Database. The VPN settings disallow a direct access to the said database.